Terms and conditions of use of the AMMA bibliographic website - 10 September 2008

Purpose and scope

AMMA – African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses – is an international programme which aims to study the monsoon system from its geophysical aspects to its socio-economic dimensions. The object of the present web database is to create a repository of all AMMA-related or resulting bibliography, allowing to gather, share and secure all AMMA publications beyond the lifetime of the contributing projects. Published or submitted to peer-review papers, conference proceedings and posters are primarily targeted, other materials being also supported by the present database. This database is intended to provide researchers and students, especially from Africa, with a facilitated access to the results of the research done within the framework of AMMA, as far as possible through full text publications. It is also intended to provide working group coordinators with a record of publication activity. In return and to achieve these goals, users having registered undertake to participate in enriching the AMMA bibliographic database with new publications.

General conditions

The AMMA bibliographic website is based on self-archiving of their publications by registered users.

Registration to the AMMA bibliographic website is free and gives free access to its contents. Such access is granted for direct and personal research use, not for the broad dissemination nor commercial use of the accessed contents.

Registration is limited to scientists performing studies within AMMA or with a special interest in AMMA, registration approval being under the authority of the ISSC of AMMA.

Registration is subject to the acceptance of the present terms and conditions of use.


Reference information

Publication reference information shall be filled in in detail on the AMMA bibliographic website. It shall include the abstract in full. To facilitate rapid access to the publication, a link towards the publication of interest on the publisher's website shall also be provided, irrespective of whether access to plain text is subsequently charged by the publisher or not.

Publishers' rights on full text versions

Publication full texts shall be made accessible insofar as this does not infringe the rights acquired by publishers through the process of publication. Authors shall be liable for respecting any commitment or agreement they have with their co-authors and publisher and applying access restrictions as required. They shall seek their institutions or dedicated resources for advice whenever they deem it necessary. The publisher's version, post-print (last draft after peer-review), pre-print, hyperlink to a personal page or any other information will be made accessible accordingly. A field will be provided to receive any specific additional mention required by the publisher. In any case, contact e-mail addresses shall be associated with the resource to facilitate specific requests.

Information on manuscripts submitted for publication

Information on any publication related to AMMA shall be deposited on the AMMA bibliographic website upon submission. This information shall include the title, authors, abstract, journal or conference name. The manuscript may also be deposited on the website, at the authors’ option.

Authors are responsible for keeping the status of their works recorded in the database updated through the process from writing to publication.

Confidentiality of non-published materials

Any material deposited on the AMMA bibliographic website prior to or in parallel to peer-review shall be considered as disclosed for working purposes. It shall not be held for published and hence, shall remain the sole property of its authors. Any registered user shall undertake to treat such material, in whole or in part, as confidential, not to disclose it to any third party, not to make it publicly available or accessible in any way, and to use it for the exclusive purpose of checking its compliance with the AMMA Data and Publication Policy, or formulating suggestions to its authors.

Prior provisions related to publications

The Terms of Reference accepted by the member institutions of the International Governing Board of AMMA, the AMMA Data and Publication Policy as referred to in the AMMA International and AMMA-EU versions of 23rd and 29th May 2006 respectively shall apply. In particular, the contribution of supporting bodies shall be acknowledged as specified in the afore-mentioned texts or similar reference texts of the national and pan-national contributing projects. Authors who are bound by the Consortium Agreement of the AMMA-EU IP shall submit their work to the Consortium first.

Additional provisions

The login and password of a registered user are personal.

Registered users are responsible for the contents that they edit on the AMMA bibliographic website.

In justified situations, the administrator of the AMMA bibliographic website may withdraw a registered user's access right or remove information from the site.