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Fleury, L., Boichard, J.-L., Brissebrat, G., Cloché, S., Eymard, L., Mastrorillo, L., Moulaye, O. & Ramage, K. (2010) A user friendly distributed database for the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses programme: In: Curdt, C. & Bareth, G. (eds.): Proceedings of the Data Management Workshop, University of Cologne, Germany, 29.-30.10.2009. IN Koelner Geographische Arbeiten, 90. 45–51.
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Keywords: AMMA
Creators: Boichard, Brissebrat, Cloché, Eymard, Fleury, Mastrorillo, Moulaye, Ramage
Collection: Koelner Geographische Arbeiten

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AMMA programme includes in situ measurements at many locations of West Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea, an intensive use of satellite data, diverse modelling studies, as well as human sciences field surveys and value-added products processing. Therefore, AMMA database aims at storing a great amount and a large variety of data, and at providing the data as rapidly and safely as possible to the AMMA research community. In order to stimulate the exchange of information and collaboration between researchers from different disciplines or using different tools, the database provides a detailed description of the products and uses standardized formats. AMMA database and the associated online tools have been fully developed and are managed by two teams in France (IPSL Data Centre, Palaiseau and OMP Data Centre, Toulouse). Datasets are stored in one or the other centre depending on their types, but all of them can be accessed through a single and friendly data request user interface. The complete system has been duplicated at AGHRYMET Regional Centre (CRA) in Niamey, Niger and is operational there since January 2009.
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