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Bielli, S., Douville, H. & Chauvin, F. 2009. Influence of the West African Monsoon on North Atlantic and European climate. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
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Categories: General
Keywords: Climate, Interannual variability, Intraseasonal variability
Creators: Bielli, Chauvin, Douville
Publisher: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
Collection: Third International AMMA Conference

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While observational studies suggest a possible influence of the West African monsoon on European climate variability at both intra-seasonal and inter-annual timescales, such remote impacts are not easy to study with global climate models given their difficulty of simulating the main features of the monsoon system. In the present study, we propose to nudge the ARPEGE-Climat atmospheric GCM towards the ERA-40 reanalyses over West Africa during the monsoon season, in order to explore the influence of the monsoon variability on the mid-latitude circulation, with a regional focus over North Atlantic and Europe. The impact of the nudging is first assessed in a control ensemble simulation over the 1971-2000 period. Then, a few case studies are performed consisting of 30-member ensemble simulations for selected monsoon seasons. A weather regime approach and some extreme climate indices are used to assess the impact on intra-seasonal variability. Preliminary results suggest that a “perfect” monsoon simulation has a positive impact on the mid-latitude stationary waves and a significant impact on the weather regime frequencies, both in term of climatology and year-to-year variability. Also noticeable is the impact of the nudging on the simulated ENSO teleconnection over Europe, thereby suggesting that this teleconnection could be partly mediated through the West African monsoon response to the tropical Pacific SST variability.
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