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Garcia Galiano, S. G. & Giraldo Osorio, J. D. 2009. From droughts to floods on Senegal River basin: a statistical assessment from RCM. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
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Categories: Environment and Climate Monitoring, Society-Environment-Climate interactions
Keywords: Climate
Creators: Garcia Galiano, Giraldo Osorio
Publisher: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
Collection: Third International AMMA Conference

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Hazards related with heavy rain, results in floods and crop damages that have significant impacts on environment and human activities (society and economy) in West Africa. On the other hand, changes on spatial distribution of precipitation and frequency of droughts will have implications for the planning and management of water resources. Extracting useful predictions of these events from Regional Climate Models (RCMs), according to stakeholders and resource planners needs in West Africa, should represent a significant challenge for the research community.
The present work analyses the spatiotemporal patterns of precipitation in Senegal river basin, from REMO data. A multi-parametric approach to the daily rain data is applied for analyzing trends of frequency and magnitude of different types of extreme precipitation events and length of dry spells. Nonparametric tests are applied. For the identification of regional patterns of variability a multivariate eigenvalue technique, principal component analysis, is employed.
Some first results of these analyses for the Senegal river basin, are presented. In order to study the seasonal, interannual, interdecadal variability of rainfall dynamics and the impacts on floods and drought generation, the basin was divided in three areas according to topographical and climatic criteria.
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