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Mari, C. H., Reeves, C. E., Law, K. S., Ancellet, G., Andrés-Hernández, M. D., Barret, B., Bechara, J., Borbon, A., Bouarar, I., Cairo, F., Commane, R., Delon, C., Evans, M. J., Fierli, F., Floquet, C., Galy-Lacaux, C., Heard, D. E., Homan, C. D., Ingham, T., Larsen, N., Lewis, A. C., Liousse, C., Murphy, J. G., Orlandi, E., Oram, D. E., Saunois, M., Serça, D., Stewart, D. J., Stone, D., Thouret, V., Van Velthoven, P. F. J. & Williams, J. E. (2010) Atmospheric composition of West Africa: highlights from the AMMA international program. IN Atmospheric Science Letters, .
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Creators: Ancellet, Andrés-Hernández, Barret, Bechara, Borbon, Bouarar, Cairo, Commane, Delon, Evans, Fierli, Floquet, Galy-Lacaux, Heard, Homan, Ingham, Larsen, Law, Lewis, Liousse, Mari, Murphy, Oram, Orlandi, Reeves, Saunois, Serça, Stewart, Stone, Thouret, Van Velthoven, Williams
Collection: Atmospheric Science Letters

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The atmospheric composition of West Africa reflects the interaction of various dynamical and chemical systems (i.e. biogenic, urban, convective and long-range transport) with signatures from local to continental scales. Recent measurements performed during the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) observational periods in 2005 and 2006 provide new data which has allowed new insight into the processes within these systems that control the distribution of ozone and its precursors. Using these new data and recently published results, we provide an overview of these systems with a particular emphasis on ozone distributions over West Africa during the wet season.
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