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Journal Article: ID no. (ISBN etc.):  0022-1694 BibTeX citation key:  Pellarin2009
Pellarin, T., Laurent, J.-P., Cappelaere, B., Decharme, B., Descroix, L. & Ramier, D. (2009) Hydrological modelling and associated microwave emission of a semi-arid region in South-western Niger. IN Journal of Hydrology, 375. 262–272.
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Categories: General, Land surface processes, Land surface-atmosphere feedback, Water cycle
Keywords: AMMA, Hydrology
Creators: Cappelaere, Decharme, Descroix, Laurent, Pellarin, Ramier
Collection: Journal of Hydrology
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Peer reviewed
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Studying surface–atmosphere feedback is often limited by the accuracy of the land surface observations (particularly soil moisture estimates) or the performance of the land surface models. To further our understanding of soil moisture effects on land–atmosphere fluxes, improvements in soil moisture mapping over large regions are necessary. The aim of this study was to obtain accurate soil moisture mapping over a 120 by 100 km2 area in West Africa using the considerable amount of measurements available from local and regional scales, recorded during the African monsoon multidisciplinary analysis (AMMA) experiment. The modelling strategy was based on the use of a land surface model (LSM), employed to provide high-resolution soil moisture mapping over the studied area. A microwave emission model was then used to simulate.
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