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Agusti-Panareda, A. & Beljaars, A. ECMWF’s contribution to AMMA. In: ECMWF Newsletter, 2008, 19–27.
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THE AFRICAN Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) is an international project whose main focus is to improve the prediction of the West African Monsoon and its socio-economic impact onWest African nations, as well as improving our understanding of fundamental scientific issues, such as the monsoon variability on diurnal, intra-seasonal, inter-annual and decadal scales.
Based on a French initiative, AMMA was built by an international scientific group and is currently funded by a large number of agencies, especially from France, UK, USA and Africa. It has been the beneficiary of a major financial contribution from the European Community’s Sixth Framework Research Programme. This funding has allowed ECMWF to have a consultant to work full-time on the AMMA project. Detailed information on scientific coordination and funding is available on the AMMA International web site at: Between 400 and 500 scientists from more than 25 countries, representing more than 140 agencies and institutions, are involved in AMMA. A network of African scientists linked to AMMA has been established to consolidate existing collaborations in Africa.
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