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Fink, A. H. Das westafrikanische Monsunsystem. In: Promet, Nr. 3, 2006, 114–122.
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The persistence of below-normal rainfall over the West African subcontinent since the late 1960s constitutes one of the most striking decadal climate anomaly worldwide.The most important rain-bearing weather systems in the northern parts of tropical West Africa are organised mesoscale squall line systems. Equatorward, towards the moister Guinea Coast, other types of organised and unorganised convection become more and more important. In the present article, the reasons for the formation of squall line systems and their interaction with synoptic wave disturbances are discussed. In the final chapter, the influence of variations in the land surface characteristics, in the global tropical sea-surface temperatures and in the mineral dust loading of the atmosphere on the interannual to decadal rainfall variability will be reviewed.
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