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Bourlès, B., Brandt, P., Caniaux, G., Dengler, M., Gouriou, Y., Key, E., Lumpkin, R., Marin, F., Molinari, R. L. & Schmid, C. African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) : Special measurements in the Tropical Atlantic. In: CLIVAR Newsletter Exchanges, Nr. 12 n°2, 2007, 4–6.
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Categories: General, Ocean processes, Ocean-atmosphere interactions
Keywords: LOP - EOP, SOP
Creators: Bourlès, Brandt, Caniaux, Dengler, Gouriou, Key, Lumpkin, Marin, Molinari, Schmid
Collection: CLIVAR Newsletter Exchanges

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Oceanographic and maritime atmospheric observations complement the land surface and continental atmospheric measurements made during the three observing periods of AMMA (see also Parker et al., this issue): Long term Observing Period (LOP; 2001-2010), Enhanced Observing Period (EOP; 2005-2007), and Special Observing Period (SOP, in 2006). Detailed scientific rationale for these data is given in both international and national AMMA documents (see The principal aims of these observations are:
• the study of processes that determine seasonal to interannual variability of observed sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface salinity (SSS), mixed layer depth and heat content, in the Tropical Atlantic and in the Gulf of Guinea (GG), and their linkage with the West African Monsoon (WAM);
• the study of processes that determine the seasonal evolution of the cold tongue - Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) - WAM system.
• the study of both ocean and atmosphere boundary layers and air-sea exchanges;
• the validation of models, satellite data and products.
The overall sampling strategy is mainly based on (1) the acquisition of in situ measurements in the eastern Tropical Atlantic and the GG and (2) the integration of these data to characterize the air-land-sea monsoon system during the three observing periods of AMMA (and thereby resolving different timescales ranging from annual to interannual).
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