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Nuret, M., Lafore, J.-P., Asencio, N., Benichou, H., Bock, O., Favot, F., Montmerle, T. & Seity, Y. Evaluation of METEO-FRANCE Numerical Weather Prediction Models during AMMA 2006-SOP.. In: Aladin Newsletter, Nr. 32, 2007, 93–107.
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Categories: Weather to Climatic modelling and forecasting
Keywords: Modelling
Creators: Asencio, Benichou, Bock, Favot, Lafore, Montmerle, Nuret, Seity
Collection: Aladin Newsletter

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This preliminary study aims at evaluating the forecast skill of Météo-France NWP models operationally run during the AMMA SOP in 2006. The global models (~50 km) performed better than ALADIN LAM model at higher resolution (10 km) specifically deployed during the 4 months of the SOP. A specific problem is the increase of total precipitation with the resolution. CRM AROME model (2.5 km) improves the distribution and timing of precipitation, except for intense rain events (>20mm/day) that are too frequent.
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