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Peter, A.-C., Le Hénaff, M., Du Penhoat, Y., Menkes, C. E., Marin, F., Vialard, J., Caniaux, G. & Lazar, A. 2005. A Model Study of the Seasonal Mixed Layer Heat Budget in the Tropical Atlantic. Work presented at EGU General Assembly 2005, April 24—29, at Vienna, Austria.
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Creators: Caniaux, Lazar, Le Hénaff, Marin, Menkes, Du Penhoat, Peter, Vialard
Publisher: European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria)
Collection: EGU General Assembly 2005

Peer reviewed
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Modifications of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) in the tropical Atlantic play a primordial role on regional climatic variability. The goal of the present study is to understand the physical processes which control the seasonal cycle of the oceanic upper layer. These modifications result not only from atmospheric forcings (heat fluxes and wind stress), but also from local and remote oceanic processes (currents, oceanic waves and exchanges with the subsurface through the thermocline). The variations of the energy exchanges trough air-sea interface are primarily conditioned by those of the thermal contents and those of the oceanic mixed layer depth (MLD).
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