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Balme, M., Galle, S. & Lebel, T. (2005) Démarrage de la saison des pluies au Sahel : variabilité à des échelles hydrologique et agronomique. IN Sécheresse, 16. 15–22.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 71.83%
Balme, M., Vischel, T., Lebel, T., Peugeot, C. & Galle, S. (2005) Assessing the water balance in the Sahel : Impact of small scale rainfall variability on runoff. Part 1 : Rainfall variability analysis. IN Journal of Hydrology, 331. 336–348.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 66.57%
Balme, M., Lebel, T. & Amani, A. (2006) Années sèches et années humides au Sahel : Quo Vadimus? IN Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques, 51. 254–271.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 70.31%
Boone, A., De Rosnay, P., Beljaars, A., Balsamo, G., Chopin, F., Decharme, B., Delire, C., Ducharme, A., Gascoin, S., Grippa, M., Guichard, F., Gusev, Y., Harris, P. P., Jarlan, L., Kergoat, L., Mougin, E., Nasonova, O., Norgaard, A., d' Orgeval, T., Ottlé, C., Poccard-Leclercq, I., Polcher, J., Sandholt, I., Saux-Picart, S., Taylor, C. M. & Xue, Y. (2009) The AMMA Land Surface Model intercomparison Project (ALMIP). IN Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 90. 1865–1880.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 72.64%
Edited by Devic, M.-P., Roussot, O., Janicot, S. & Thorncroft, C. D. AMMA 3rd International Conference: Abstracts. 2009. African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, July 20—24 2009.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 79.18%
Gardelle, J., Hiernaux, P., Kergoat, L. & Grippa, M. (2010) Less rain, more water in ponds: a remote sensing study of the dynamics of surface waters from 1950 to present in pastoral Sahel (Gourma region, Mali). IN Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14. 309–324.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 52.18%
Edited by Genau, I., Marsh, S., McQuaid, J. B., Redelsperger, J.-L., Thorncroft, C. D. & Van Den Akker, E. AMMA 1st International Conference: Extended abstracts. 2005. African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses, Dakar, November 28—December 4 2005.   Last Edited by: Deleted user   v        published
 Pop. 83.03%
Edited by Genau, I., Van Den Akker, E. & Redelsperger, J.-L. AMMA 2nd International Conference: Joint with AMMA-Ocean / TACE / PIRATA Meeting. 2007. African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses, Karlsruhe, November 26—30 2007.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 88.15%
Kamagaté, B., Séguis, L., Favreau, G., Seidel, J.-L., Descloitres, M. & Affaton, P. (2007) Processus et bilan des flux hydriques d'un bassin versant de milieu tropical de socle au Bénin (Donga, haut Ouémé). IN Comptes Rendus Géoscience, 339. 418–429.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 63.78%
Kamagaté, B., Mariko, A., Bokar, H., Dao, A. & Séguis, L. 2009. Hydrogeochemical differentiation between alterites phreatic aquifer and bedrock groundwater in the watershed of Kolondieba (southern Mali). Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 50.96%
Kouédeu Mbiawa, D. (2013) Relations entre les grandeurs hydrologiques et les précipitations au Cameroun : le cas du bassin versant de Nsimi. Master of Science de PhysiqueYaoundé, Cameroun, Université de Yaoundé I.  Last Edited by: laurence fleury   v        Pop. 31.97%
Le Lay, M., Saulnier, G.-M., Galle, S., Séguis, L., Metadier, M. & Peugeot, C. (2008) Model representation of the Sudananian hydrological processes. Application on the Donga catchment (Benin). IN Journal of Hydrology, 363. 32–41.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 53.55%
Lebel, T., Delclaux, F., Le Barbé, L. & Polcher, J. (2000) From GCM scales to hydrological scales : rainfall variability in West Africa. IN Stochastic Environ. Research and Risk Assessment, 14. 275–295.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 60.49%
Lebel, T. & Ali, A. (2009) Recent trends in the Central and Western Sahel rainfall regime (1990 - 2007). IN Journal of Hydrology, 375. 52–64.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 68.24%
Massuel, S., Favreau, G., Descloitres, M., Le Troquet, Y., Albouy, Y. & Cappelaere, B. (2006) Deep infiltration through a sandy alluvial fan in semiarid Niger inferred from electrical conductivity survey, vadose zone chemistry and hydrological modelling. IN Catena, 67. 105–118.   Last Edited by: Deleted user   v        published
 Pop. 56.53%
Nicaise, E., Sambou, S. & Tamba, S. 2009. Calibration and validation of the empirical hydrological models GR4J and GR2M on the Gambia basin river upstream to the station of Kedougou: Long-term evolution of water resources. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.   Added by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 46%
Pellarin, T., Laurent, J.-P., Cappelaere, B., Decharme, B., Descroix, L. & Ramier, D. (2009) Hydrological modelling and associated microwave emission of a semi-arid region in South-western Niger. IN Journal of Hydrology, 375. 262–272.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
 Pop. 54.31%
Sanou, B., Hiernaux, P., Kergoat, L. & Mougin, E. 2009. Spatial redistribution of rainfall water within endorheic land units in Central Gourma (Mali): a remote sensing approach. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.   Added by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 30.04%
Séguis, L., Kamagaté, B., Montpellier, V., Seidel, J.-L., Akpo, A., Peugeot, C. & Tillery, S. 2009. Streamflow components at the flood scale on a Sudanian catchment: comparison with hydrologic model simulations. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
 Pop. 49.49%