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Formenti, P., Rajot, J.-L., Desboeufs, K., Caquineau, S., Chevaillier, S., Nava, S., Gaudichet, A., Journet, E., Triquet, S., Alfaro, S. C., Chiari, M., Haywood, J. M., Coe, H. & Highwood, E. J. (2008) Regional variability of the composition of mineral dust from Western Africa: results from the AMMA SOP0/DABEX and DODO. IN Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 113. D00C13.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Formenti, P., Marticorena, B., Chevaillier, S., Caquineau, S., Grand, N., Desboeufs, K. & Rajot, J.-L. 2009. Vertical and spatial distribution of mineral dust concentrations and properties over western Africa. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
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Formenti, P., Nava, S., Prati, P., Chevaillier, S., Klaver, A., Lafont, S., Mazzei, F., Calzolai, G. & Chiari, M. (2010) Self‐attenuation artifacts and correction factors of light element measurements by X‐ray analysis: Implication for mineral dust composition studies. IN Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 115. D01203.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Legrand, M., Dubuisson, P., Vingataramin, S., Damiri, B., Bonnet, B., Goloub, P., Gonzalez, L., Cuesta, J., Edouart, D., Flamant, C., Formenti, P., Desboeufs, K., Chevaillier, S., Klaver, A., Caquineau, S., Pelon, J., Flamant, P.-H., Nerry, F. & Li, Z.-L. 2010. Détection satellitaire et sol IRT des poussières désertiques au-dessus des terres. Work presented at Atelier AMMA France 2010.   Added by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Rajot, J.-L., Formenti, P., Alfaro, S. C., Desboeufs, K., Chevaillier, S., Chatenet, B., Gaudichet, A., Journet, E., Marticorena, B., Triquet, S., Maman, A., Mouget, N. & Zakou, A. (2008) AMMA dust experiment: An overview of measurements performed during the dry season special observation period (SOP0) at the Banizoumbou (Niger) supersite. IN Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 113. D00C14.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        accepted
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Rajot, J.-L., Chevaillier, S., Caquineau, S., Desboeufs, K., Formenti, P., Marticorena, B., Sow, M. & Alfaro, S. C. 2009. An overview of dust measurements performed during the rainy season special observation periods (SOP 1-2) at the Banizoumbou (Niger) supersite. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, June 20—July 24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.   Last Edited by: Deleted user   v        published
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