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Bielli, S., Douville, H. & Chauvin, F. 2009. Influence of the West African Monsoon on North Atlantic and European climate. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Last Edited by: roussot   v        published
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Bielli, S., Douville, H. & Pohl, B. (2009) Understanding the West African monsoon variability and its remote effects: an illustration of the grid point nudging methodology. IN Climate Dynamics, 35. 159–174.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 34.74%
Chauvin, F., Royer, J.-F. & Douville, H. (2005) Interannual variability and predictability of African easterly waves in a GCM. IN Climate Dynamics, 24. 523–544.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Conil, S., Douville, H. & Tyteca, S. (2007) The relative roles of soil moisture and SST in climate variability explored within ensembles of AMIP-type simulations. IN Climate Dynamics, 28. 125–145.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Douville, H., Conil, S., Tyteca, S. & Voldoire, A. (2007) Soil moisture memory and West African monsoon predictability: artefact or reality? IN Climate Dynamics, 28. 723–742.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Garric, G., Douville, H. & Déqué, M. (2002) Prospects for improved seasonal predictions of monsoon precipitation over Sahel. IN International Journal of Climatology, 22. 331–345.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 41.99%
Joly, M., Voldoire, A., Douville, H., Terray, P. & Royer, J.-F. (2007) African monsoon teleconnections with tropical SSTs: validation and evolution in a set of IPCC4 simulations. IN Climate Dynamics, 29. 1–20.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Pohl, B., Douville, H. & Gaetani, M. 2010. Utilisation d'expériences guidées dans Arpège-Climat pour explorer les relations entre la mousson africaine et la variabilité climatique de large échelle. Work presented at Atelier AMMA France 2010.   Added by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        published
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Taylor, C. M., Parker, D. J., Kalthoff, N., Gaertner, M. Á., Philippon, N., Bastin, S., Harris, P. P., Boone, A., Guichard, F., Agusti-Panareda, A., Baldi, M., Cerlini, P., Descroix, L., Douville, H., Flamant, C., Grandpeix, J.-Y. & Polcher, J. (2010) New Perspectives on Land-Atmosphere Feedbacks from the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA). IN Atmospheric Science Letters, .  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 41.28%