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Fierli, F., Orlandi, E., Law, K. S., Cagnazzo, C., Cairo, F., Schiller, C., Borrman, S., Di Donfrancesco, G., Ravegnani, F. & Volk, M. C. (2010) Impact of deep convection in the tropical tropopause layer in West Africa: in-situ observations and mesoscale modelling. IN Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11. 201–214.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        revised
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Orlandi, E., Fierli, F., Davolio, S., Buzzi, A. & Drofa, O. (2010) A nudging scheme to assimilate satellite brightness temperature in a meteorological model: Impact on African mesoscale convective systems representation. IN Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 136. 462–474.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 30.98%
Real, E., Orlandi, E., Law, K. S., Fierli, F., Josset, D., Cairo, F., Schlager, H., Borrman, S., Kunkel, D., Volk, M. C., McQuaid, J. B., Stewart, D. J., Lee, J. D., Lewis, A. C., Hopkins, J. R., Ravegnani, F., Ulanovsky, A. E. & Liousse, C. (2010) Cross-hemispheric transport of central African biomass burning pollutants: implications for downwind ozone production. IN Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10. 3027–3046.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 35.33%