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Dominguez, M., Gaertner, M. Á. & Losada Doval, T. 2009. Regional climate model simulations over West Africa: parameterization tests and analysis of land surface fields. Work presented at Third International AMMA Conference, July 20—24, at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.   Added by: Devic   v        published
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Dominguez, M., Gaertner, M. Á., De Rosnay, P. & Losada Doval, T. (2010) A regional climate model simulation over West Africa: parameterization tests and analysis of land surface fields. IN Climate Dynamics, 35. 249–265.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 32.19%
Gaertner, M. Á., Dominguez, M. & Garvert, M. (2010) A modelling case-study of soil moisture-atmosphere coupling. IN Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 136. 483–495.  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 30.15%
Paeth, H., Hall, N. M. J., Gaertner, M. Á., Dominguez, M., Moumouni, S., Polcher, J., Ruti, P. M., Fink, A. H., Gosset, M., Lebel, T., Gaye, A. T., Rowell, D. P., Moufouma-Okia, W., Jacob, D., Rockel, B., Giorgi, F. & Rummukainen, M. (2011) Progress in regional downscaling of West African precipitation. IN Atmospheric Science Letters, 12. 75–82.  Last Edited by: Boichard Jean-Luc   v        Pop. 40.51%
Ruti, P. M., Williams, J. E., Hourdin, F., Guichard, F., Boone, A., Van Velthoven, P. F. J., Favot, F., Musat, I., Rummukainen, M., Dominguez, M., Gaertner, M. Á., Lafore, J.-P., Losada Doval, T., Rodriguez de Fonseca, M. B., Polcher, J., Giorgi, F., Xue, Y., Bouarar, I., Law, K. S., Josse, B., Barret, B., Yang, X., Mari, C. H. & Traore, A. K. (2010) Modeling the West African climate system: systematicerrors and future steps. IN Atmospheric Science Letters, .  Last Edited by: Fanny Lefebvre   v        Pop. 38.01%